order status


How long does the production of the order take?

Production times are around 2 weeks.

Sometimes this time can vary based on how many proofreading the customer asks.

How can I send the files to make them usable by the design department?

You can send your files in high resolution PDF or PNG vector format. (Visportware@gmail.com)

If you want to know the status of your order, you can request it at the following e-mail: visportware@gmail.com or you can write to the chat on the website, or you can call +39 0116495906

How long is the shipping time?

After the goods have been shipped, the times are as follows:
1 day for Italy
1 day for Europe
2 days to the United States
3 days to Asia
3 days to Africa
3 days to Australia.

This data for small and medium size parcels.

For some areas of E   dettaglio