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Custom Bowling Bag for 3 balls

20 gennaio 2020
Arsenale, can be coordinated with Shoe Bag Armadillo.
it is equipped with special attachments
that allow the two bags to be joined together.
Also available for two balls.
Bowling Bag for 3 balls.
This bag
is a handmade product,
it is not
a standard product.
It is produced after
the customer has decided
the design to be printed,
and the interior
is also customizable.

It has very generous side padding.
The inner case is made of polypropylene,
with a thickness of about 5 mm.

The balls rest on a
layer of soft polyurethane foam of about 3 cm.
The thread used for seams is the same
used for skydiving, thus ensuring tear resistance,
and weight exceeding normal threads.
it is possible to produce even one piece,
there are no quantity limits.