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Custom Bowling Bag (2 balls)

20 gennaio 2020
The Strike has the same characteristics as the Arsenal.
STRIKE, can be coordinated with Shoe Bag Armadillo.
it is equipped with special accessories
which serves to join the two bags.

Bowling bag for 2 balls.
This bag
it's a handmade product,
it is not
a standard product.
It is produced later
the customer has decided
the drawing to be printed,
and the interior
it is also customizable.

It has a very generous side padding.
The internal case is in polypropylene,
with a thickness of about 5 mm.

The balls rest on one
soft polyurethane foam layer of about 3 cm.
The thread used for the seams is the same
used for parachuting, thus used tear resistance,
and weight higher than normal threads.
even a single piece can be produced,